This Machine Washes Your Clothes While You Cycle On Your Bike


Okay so, there are two things in this world that make a person procrastinate more than anything else. I want to tell you to guess what they are, and I have full faith that you would be able to because you’re human… but neither of us has time for that. So, the top 2 things in life that will make you the greatest procrastinator of all are:


And exercise.

That’s right. I bet you can’t think of anything else you’ve put off for longer than you have doing your laundry, and getting your workout in. Well, this new machine that people are talking about will be sure to guarantee you never procrastinate again, because it lets you do both at once. It’s called the spin cycle. It’s actually incredibly innovative for those of us who have to do laundry by hand, which would be an unimaginable feat.

It was invented by someone named Rich Hewitt after spending time in Burundi. Basically, you attach the laundry in a plastic cylinder to the back of your bike, and as you pedal you rotate the laundry holder and it washes your clothes for you, and saves you from the manual labor of washing them by hand. This extremely useful tool could be utilized in so many places, and hey, if they ever have it here – I’m sure it’s something we’d all be willing to try out.

I mean, this also looks like it would be way more affordable than one of those modern spin bikes you use at home, and it also helps with your multitasking abilities. Is there really anything more we could ask for?

Check out this really cool invention HERE: