This Visual Love Letter to Calgary Will Make You Feel Every Emotion


The streets of Calgary are not what they once were. The hustle and bustle of the city has quieted and we’re trying to navigate a new way of life. A life where we stay away from one another, which is not something we’re used to.

As Calgarians, we thrive on patios on Stephen Ave and 17TH Avenue. We survive summers outdoors exploring everything this amazing city has to offer. We share picnic tables, we stampede like mad fools, we hang out at malls way too often, and we are energized by being around each other. Toss us in the Saddledome with thousands of others, or into a tent full of people drinking and listening to music, or into the mix of others at Prince’s Island Park on a busy Saturday afternoon… and we are thriving. Well, most of us are, anyway.

The beautiful city that Calgary was is still here, it’s just a little quieter than we’re used to, but that’s not to say it’ll never go back to normal. The images and videos people have been capturing while the streets are quiet are chilling and beautiful all at once. This video made by Eric A Gonzalez is a masterpiece and really truly captures we’ve all been feeling. It’s a love letter to Calgary in the form of a voice mail, and if you’ve got even a morsel of a heart… this will hit you right in the center of it.

Voicemail From 2020 from Eric Gonzalez on Vimeo.

Calgary is its places, but also its people. A lot of the places are closed, but the people are still around… they’re just hanging around at home so this can be over sooner than later, which is a good thing. We’re all in this together, even from afar. Thanks for staying home, Calgary. I hope this video is a nice reminder of the beautiful city we still live in, though these days it can be easy to forget.