Tim Hortons Just Added An Entire Line of Kit Kat Goodies!

Kit Kat Donuts

K so imagine this, it's Thursday tomorrow (AKA Fake Friday) you're driving into work getting your regular timmies run, coffee or tea but now you can make your morning so much better by kicking off your day with any of timmies new KIT KAT TREATS omg can we just take a minute to tlak about how damn tasty these look?!

I think it's safe to say people are STOKED 


Also! HOW CANADIAN is this?! Did you know that along with smarties, ketchup chips and of course our national treasure, TIMMIES Kit Kat is also a Canadian chocolate bar?! Yea!! So it looks like it's gonna be all sorts of super yummy things, donuts, timbits, iced capps, a nanaimo bar looking thing?! damn well I can tell you i'm pretty damn stoked! Tim Hortons Kit Kat offerings include a Kit Kat Caramel-Filled Donut, a Kit Kat Chocolate Truffle Bar, a Kit Kat Iced Capp, a Kit Kat Hot Chocolate, and a Kit Kat Latte. that sounds pretty tight right?? If they're doing this I mean I hadc a reeses peanut butter cookie there last week and it was so tasty! What else should they add to the menu?! Smarties?! Coffee Crisp?! (also canadian) maybe mix in some nutella with ANY of the above and we're in like sin! That's what cozy sweater weather is for right?! Eating all the things that make us happy!! so THANKS TIMMIES mmmmmmmm meet ya there??