U of A Has An Ice Slide Now!!


There’s always so much to do in Alberta during the winter season. I mean, let’s get real we live in one of the most beautiful provinces for this type of weather. There’s a bunch of us who love to just go to the mountains to get away for a little, hike Canmore or Banff perhaps. Maybe we even go snowboarding with our pals on the weekends but now that things are looking a little different some of our favorite activities are on hold or restricted to a degree. But you know what follows restrictions, is a ton of fun and gives you a little bit of road trip action to enjoy it…U of A’s Botanical Gardens that now has a slide made of ice. Neat eh! The cool thing about this outdoor experience is that you don’t just get the ice slide or botanical gardens. Like sure, it’s a cool feature and an added bonus but what you also get with this experience is the opportunity to eat outside and enjoy some snacks from Northern Light Tapas or maybe get a little adult bevy in you with some vino or a craft beer. They also have this really rad tree that is specifically designed for putting your initials and hearts in it and of course don’t forget the main attraction, the Kurimoto Japanese Garden. Now maybe all those fun activities aren’t your jam, there’s also a fire pit and an ice chair that’s perfect to snap a photo in. Whether you’re going with a partner or taking your family you know this is going to be a magical time no matter what so go scope out “Date Night Under the Stars” at U of A it’s every Thursday through Sunday until the end of March from 5-10pm  and is only $20 adults / $15 senior or student + tax which is only the cost of 3 single vodka sodas- what a deal!