Uber Eats in Calgary and Edmonton Introduces Alcohol Delivery


This is the best!

I know you know the feeling. You’re at home in your most cozy comfy absolutely not suitable to wear outside pajamas. I use the term pajamas loosely, as they’re likely just ratty old sweatpants and a giant crew neck you really should get rid of but can’t cause it’s way too cozy to even fathom. I know you’re currently picturing the exact outfit that I’m describing to you, and it’s likely making you feel cozy to even picture yourself in it.

Now I hate to strip this image from you… but picture yourself in that situation about to snuggle up and watch something spooky on Netflix and then realizing you have a real hankering for red wine… but you literally don’t have any in your house. You consider getting changed and going to the store, but at this point in the night it’s just too cold to wrap your head around the idea of it… so after an internal debate as to whether or not it’s appropriate to ask your neighbors for a bottle of wine that you’ll replace (yes I’ve considered it), you just give up on the wine.

You no longer have to do this! I mean, if we’re being honest you already could order booze on skip the dishes, but if Uber eats is the food app that you use most religiously (same) then this makes you super happy!!

The best part of this is when you’re in an uber on the way home from the bar and they offer you the option to order food… you’ll now be able to add a couple vodka sodas to that order and if that don’t sound like the most futuristic thing ever, then I don’t know what is.

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