Uber Eats Releases The 10 Most Popular Foods Ordered In Canada And Pizza Isn't Even On The List!


Quarantine life has probably involved a few of the below right?
puzzles, binge watching TV, homeschooling, online workouts, facetime chats with friends, drinking whiteclaws on zoom, making sourdough, quarantine cuts, picking up a new jhobby then dropping that hobby just as quick as you started and also eating copious amounts of food right?

Chances are you've been cooking up a storm (because there's not much else to do and to save money right?) but likely you've also ordered a ton of take out too!!

Well it looks like UBER eats just released the 10 most popular food items Canadians have been eating in the last 2 months and PIZZA DIDN'T EVEN MAKE THE LIST?!
that baffles me!!?

1. Butter Chicken
2. Poutine
3. Miso Soup
4. Pad Thai
5. Naan
6. Fries
7. Bubble Tea
8. Edamame
9. Shawarma
10. Onion RIngs