Uber Will Now Ask For A Selfie To Prove You’re Wearing A Mask


Here’s the deal.

I don’t think anyone could possibly find a way to have a problem with this… Mostly because like, it’s a global pandemic, and masks are mandated pretty much everywhere, especially if you reside in a bigger city like Calgary. It’s been explained to us time and time again by health officials, we wear masks to protect others, and others wear masks to protect us. It’s a super simple concept and honestly, if others are going to wear their PPE to keep me safe, I personally am happy to show them the mutual respect.

These mandates are easy to make when it comes to stores and malls and large public spaces because there are multiple people of authority who can ask you to leave if you are not following the rules, whereas in Ubers, they may have a little more trouble. Especially when it comes to non-mask wearers at the end of a night of over indulgence (if you catch my drift).

For a while, Uber has had a prompt when you call them that asks you to confirm that you will be wearing a mask. If you do not accept this prompt, the car will not pick you up. It is a mandatory step in the ride booking process. They are now saying that in the coming weeks, they will take it one step further and ask for photo proof of your mask.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is awesome. Driving for uber is a high risk job in the midst of this social climate. Letting strangers into your personal vehicle is a risk, and if the drivers are going to wear a mask for us, we can do the same for them… especially in such close quarters.

Uber, if you’re listening, this is an awesome idea.