‘Warheads’ Teamed with a New York Brewery to Make an Extreme Hard Seltzer


Man, if there’s anything we should normalize, it’s creating and trying all of the different kinds of seltzers that we possibly can. I wonder what the statistics are like for seltzers consumed in 2020 and 2021. I mean, we did get our first access to White Claws right as this pandemic started in Canada (it’s almost like they knew...).

We’ve been lucky enough lately to get two new flavors of White Claws right here in Canada! Watermelon and Raspberry. Though they are both arguably not as good as the flavors we’ve known and loved since the seltzer was made available in Canada (mango, black cherry, lime and grapefruit) it’s nice to mix it up.

They did just release White Claw Iced Teas in the states which is something they haven’t made available in Canada and who knows if they ever will? On that note, though, there is another kind of hard seltzer that it available only in the US of A right now that is going to make you extremely jealous that you can’t get them here, and that on top of that you can’t even go for a little visit across the border to try them.

War Heads (the candy) have teamed up with a brewery in New York to make a War Heads seltzer. I mean, if they’re even half as sour as the candy it would likely be hard to stomach more than one or two of them in a single sitting… but either way I’m envious of the Americans that are able to get their hands on these things.

If we should start doing ANYTHING it’s turning all of our favorite candies into different kinds of alcohol… and SKITTLES if you’re listening or reading his, please, make a hard seltzer. Only red flavor, though. Thanks.