White Claw is FINALLY Coming to Canada


You’re either literally out of breath right now with excitement about White Claw coming to Canada… or you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and have literally zero clue what the heck a White Claw even is.

I mean, the best way to describe it is that it’s the most popular drink for American college kids to have whether their of age or not, mostly because they don’t taste like alcohol whatsoever and they’re easy to get your hands on due to availability and affordability. This is only the case if you’re in the states, though… until now.

It has been announced that White Claw Seltzers are FINALLY coming to Canada. They’re essentially vodka sodas with a little more flavor than the Nude and Neutrl Vodka Sodas that we can easily access at grocery stores here in Canada. They come in all different colors and are only 100 calories a piece. What a dream, right? The most comparable item to them that we have right now are those TRULY seltzers that I’ve seen around at local liquor stores in Calgary and surrounding areas.

The only difference about White Claw between here and the states, is that we won’t be able to walk into the local 7/11 at the gas station and pick up a variety back for $15 (I know, what a dream!) I was able to do this while I was in the states recently and I won’t lie to you, it was a pretty dreamy experience.

After trying a White Claw for the first time recently all I could do is dream of the day that they come to Canada, and that day has finally arrived. The only problem is that people are going to treat this like they did when we first were able to get our hands on Halo Top ice cream. My bet is it’ll be sold out everywhere the second it hits the shelves, but the hype will die my friend, and you’ll have your hands on a pack of White Claws in no time.