Whiteclaw is Releasing 70 Calorie Cans In 2 New Flavours Clementine & Pineapple


How many claws have you drank in quarantine?? It's okay if youre too embarrased to share haha I FEEL YA SIS.

But they are delicious little hydration nuggets that go down eaaaaaasy. But as we head into summer they just released a SELTZER that's essentially less calories 70 vs 100. They're literally called Whiteclaw 70 but with less calories comes less alchol content 3.7% compared to the regular 5% which isn't a bad thing! The best part about it is new flavours!
Clementine and pineapple! Let's be honest I don't know if I can turn my back on that BLACK CHERRY BABY!!


They should be showing up in stores this week! And people are stoked