Wildhorse Saloon Is Back In Business This Stampede


It’s been quite the go the last year and a bit navigating Stampede but it’s back, a little different but officially here which means that Wildhorse Saloon is also back. The tent is going to be open for the whole duration of Stampede the 9-17th inclusive of the 8th with a little pre-pede kick off. The neat part about the 8th is you can actually get free general admission if you go HERE. The concert line up does not disappoint featuring artists like Reuben and the Dark and Aaron Goodvin and of course the iconic Drag Brunch, WERK on July 17 featuring tons of amazing local performers as well as some national favourites like Tynomi Banks from Canada’s Drag Race!

Now because I know you were wondering, Wildhorse Saloon will NOT require you to show proof of vaccination or get a rapid test before entering and workers and patrons will not be required to wear a mask either. However in lieu of that Wildhorse is going to be more spread out this year as it’s a larger area so that people will end up being more spaced out.

Now let's remember fam, Stampede is going to look different this year so let's respect each other and everyone's space, wash our hands and have a fun and safe time! YEE HAW!