Window Swap is a Website That Lets You Watch Live Streams out of Other People’s Windows


I feel like there are so many metaphors and so many weirdly poetic aspects to this new website that everyone’s been talking about.

2020 (and now 2021) has proven to be a time where we’ve had a pretty monotonous view of the world. Like, you more than likely spend more time than ever at home looking at the same TV, the same computer, the same kitchen, the same spouse (which is a good thing if you’re married) but either way it can get a little tiring for the brain to only have one view.

A lot of self-help books tell you that when you start to feel tired of your routine, to change your perspective. That if you just take a new route or a new outlook on a lot of things it’ll help shake your life up in a good way. I know we’ve all had at least one person tell us to “change our perspective” when we’re feeling down in the dumps… and this is quite literally the best way to do this.

Everyone is talking about this website called “window swap” and it’s literally people all over the world posting live streams of the outsides of their windows so that you can gain a new perspective. Look out of someone else’s window during a time where being in a strangers home is completely socially unacceptable and honestly in many cases, illegal. Wild, I know.

Click here to check it out.

When I first read about this, my mind immediately thought it means live streams INTO people’s windows LOL. Like, I know that would likely be interesting as heck, but also definitely frowned upon. Either way, I hope this brightens your perspective today!