Woman’s Ex Posts Her Phone Number On A Chewbacca Impression Phone Contest Poster


Have you ever done something incredibly petty to get back at an ex?

I feel like we’ve all been there. Sometimes, when a relationship ends, you feel the need to be extremely petty. Like, when my ex and I broke up he gave me back one of those cork wood things that goes under a hot pot on the table. You know, the ones that cost 25 cents at the dollar store? I don’t even know if it was meant to be petty… but it kind of seemed like it was.

Anyone with an ex has some kind of story behind the ending, and I’m sure everyone and their mother has tried one thing or another that is more petty than we’d ever be willing to admit… right? Well, if you’re not ready to fess up then you’re forgiven, you’ll get there eventually.

This story about a petty ex is going absolutely viral for all of the right reasons. A dude was so mad about his breakup that he posted paper around the place that he and his ex live, and advertised a Chewbacca impersonation contest with a $500 reward. The problem is, he listed his exes number as the one to call to leave the message with. This poor woman has been receiving calls at all hours of the night and day of people leaving her voice mails going their very best Chewbacca impression. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! THAT’S THE PETTIEST THING EVER. If you’re someone who lives to be petty… don’t get any ideas. Or do, I’m not your mom.

This lady us PLEADING that people stop calling her phone and leaving these messages as it is a huge pain and making it hard to sleep because they’re waking her up at night. Aw, poor thing. This isn’t happening on our side of the world so there isn’t much we can do to help her… but now that you’ve heard about this, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw something like this happen right here in Calgary.