You Can Get "Golden Girls" Costumes At Target This Year


Halloween is just a few short weeks away… and if you’re anything like me, you’ll very likely leave your costume choosing to the very last minute you possibly can, and then run to a random Halloween store and buy some kind of superhero corset and have enough vodka soda’s to forget about your effortless costume. The good news is that it’s early enough in October to change your ways, and not be that person for the first time ever in your life. Maybe we should try it this year!

If this is a train you’d like to be on –go and grab your girl gang and do it as a group. Finding group costumes can be both extremely easy and unbearably hard. I mean, it’s simple enough to grab 5 chicks and dress up as The Spice Girls, Nsync, or The Backstreet Boys. You can also take on inanimate objects as costumes, like a giant group of Crayola crayons in all of the colors of the rainbow. You can dress up as condiments. You can even dress up as different kinds of liquor. I even knew a group of girls once who dressed up as the ladies in Justin Bieber’s music video for ‘Sorry’ (which is undeniably original).

This year, though… ALL of your group costume needs are being taken care of by Target, as they are selling GOLDEN GIRLS costumes for a group of four lovely ladies. I know what you’re thinking… “target isn’t in Canada” – but if you’re willing to pay the costs, they do ship to Canada, and for this it very well may be worth it.

If you choose to go this route, the only hardship you’ll run into from here on out is which one of you gets the honor of dressing as Betty White. Happy Halloween shopping, friends!