You Can Make $1,000 Just By Watching The Office


Ever wanted to make a quick thousand bucks but worried that you’d only be able to do that by selling photos of your feet to weirdos off Craigslist… me neither. Even though you (didn’t) think of that I have the perfect way for you to make a quick G note, and it’ll only take about 15 hours of your time while you do something that’s a part of your daily routine any way! Dish, which is a US-based TV provider wants to give a super fan a really cool chance to score $1,000 to watch 15 hours of The Office off the heels of it being the fifteenth anniversary of the show!

So the math has been done and 15 hours equates to about 45 episodes. Which seems like a lot but let’s get real, you watch that in a week subconsciously anyways. PLUS they give you the chance to do this marathon in nine days, easy! Now even though you have to be a US resident to apply for this position I feel like if you just go WATCH it in ‘Murrica maybe they’ll make an exception? Here’s hoping!

OH! And I almost forgot, if you make a video for the application apparently it boosts your chances. All I see here is an opportunity to recreate the scene where Kevin slips in his “famous” chili. Good luck!