You Can Now Get A ‘Speaking Moistly’ Lip Balm Because Why Not? LOL


I feel like whenever you watch a live news cast, it’s a gamble. People who are on the news on a regular basis are pros who know what they’re doing, but sometimes fumbles happen. Since we live in the modern age of technology, when fumbles happen, they go viral. It just is what it is. Usually, when this happens, it is all in good fun.

I always wonder if Justin Trudeau gets nervous before he goes live on the news almost every day, as this isn’t something he’s ever had to do in the past. As you’ve likely watched, Trudeau goes live on the news every morning around 9am (for the most part) to give updates on the COVID-19 pandemic. He does it right outside of his house, and it’s kind of become part of our new normal. I won’t lie, I find listening to him speak to be very calming. He usually has completely prepped and planned every single word he’s going to say…. You know, except for that one time when he accidentally said “speaking moistly”.

He used the term “speaking moistly” in regard to something humans do sometimes whether we mean to or not, in correlation with maintaining distance and wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As soon as the term “speaking moistly” left his mouth, you could just tell me immediately regretted it because he KNEW it would become a viral meme within moments… and he was right.

Speaking Moistly was trending all over the country almost momentarily after it happened, and it because such a phenomenon that people made shirts… but this is the best thing yet to come out of it. ‘Speaking Moistly’ LIP BALM LOL.

It’s by Painted People Tattoo Company and a portion of the proceeds go to the Canadian Food Bank.

You can get your lip balm HERE.