You Could Cash In On Your Late Parcels From Canada Post!


Let’s get real; during the pandemic we all spent a little too much on online shopping. There was nothing to do and everyone had sales on. It was a hard time to put that credit card back in our wallets and let the dust settle on them. BUT were you one of the people who got express shipping when you did order and received your package late? Because now you could be entitled to some cash back for those packages coming after the date you expected.

It looks like there is a lawsuit being made on behalf of anybody who paid for express shipping since March 14, 2020 and then didn’t receive their order by the promised date, ergo the compensation. The request was made to the Quebec Superior Court on July 6. I know it sucks that we all had to wait for our packages and some of us paid to get them quicker but couldn’t we have kind of predicted that express shipping wouldn’t really be a thing? I mean, we are in the middle of a pandemic, fam!

Now there has been some miscommunication about things since Canada Post has refused to reimburse any delivery costs because of delays since March and also posted about it in press releases. However, the lawsuit is in place because Canada Post’s website still stated the opposite, which is why the lawsuit claims that Canada Post "has charged and continues to charge its customers for services that it cannot currently guarantee" and "has been unjustly enriched by its illegal conduct."

And that my friend is why you can quite possibly cash in on this lawsuit if you had a delayed packaged. Apparently they’re also trying to get each customer $400 so might be worth a shot if you did get your express shipped package late. If you want to try and get a piece of this pie you can fill out a form HERE