Your Daily Dose for Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Starting today, the COVID-19 symptom list for Alberta students gets an update. Runny nose and sore throat have been taken off of the list of symptoms that require mandatory isolation for 14 days for children. Kids who have been tested for COVID with only one of those two symptoms have tested positive less than 1% of the time, so the Alberta government feels COVID spread risk won’t increase if students with these symptoms return to school once they’re feeling better. The list remains the same for adults. You can read more about it HERE. 


International travelers arriving at the Calgary International Airport can also now get around the mandatory 14-day quarantine period and choose to take a rapid test instead. YYC and the Coutts border crossing in Southern Alberta will serve as the Canadian pilots for the new project. Read more HERE: 


Celebrities absolutely SLAYED Halloween this year, despite this being a super weird year.

The Weeknd attended Kendall Jenner’s Halloween Birthday Party dressed up in the ultimate disguise: Sherman Klump from the Nutty Professor!



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Kendall Jenner had a ton of celebrity guests at her party, as she dressed up as Pamela Anderson from the movie Barb Wire and hung out with Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. 


If you didn’t see any Tiger Kings on your outings, Kim Kardashian and her crew dressed up as Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic.




Lizzo got slighty political with her costume and some green screen magic, dressing up as the fly on Mike Pence’s Head.






I voted for Biden

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Mariah Carey is more than ready to see Halloween go! She posted a video of her going to bed on Halloween night and her excitement for waking up to the beginning of her money making season!






Mariah Carey makes $500,000 a year off of her song All I want for Christmas is you!