Your Daily Dose for Wednesday, November 4th

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Dr. Deena Hinshaw gave some grim news yesterday as she reported the four day total of new COVID cases. There are 2268 more people with the virus in the province, with Sunday seeing 592 alone, the biggest jump yet. CLIP Calgary has caught up with Edmonton for active cases with 2500. Dr Hinshaw says that she hopes the recent restrictions brought forward for gathering sizes in Calgary and Edmonton will start to help cases decline, but if not, other measures will need to be taken. 


Mayor Nenshi also weighed in with his concerns over rising cases, saying that if we don’t get a handle on things soon, more lockdowns will be inevitable. He said he definitely doesn’t want to see that happen, so urges Calgarians to remember the three most important things to limit the spread: wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask when you can’t. More here.


In what may be the biggest cliff hanger in all of history (MAYBE EVEN BIGGER THAN THE 6th SEASON FINALE OF GREY'S ANATOMY WHEN DEREK GETS SHOT),  the American election results are still up in the air. Donald Trump has declared victory and is already threatening to take things to the supreme court as votes continue to be counted. That's real lets talk about how Kanye did in his first run at the presidency! Early totals show that 57,000 Americans voted for him, including himself, who tweeted a photo of his ballot, where he filled in his own name…and many people were quick to note that he left the rest of the ballot blank.






Shawn Mendes got a new puppy and saved us all from doom scrolling by putting a photo of him on social media last night! The caption simply says Hi Tarzan under a photo of Camila Cabello snuggling what looks like a Golden Retriever puppy and then multiple videos of them snuggling the sweet precious little angel. More gorgeous people cuddling super cute animals PLEASE! And that's Fuzzy's puppy Mindy in the cover photo, for your enjoyment! :) 



Hi Tarzan 🥺❤️

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Shonda Rhimes has a new show hitting Netflix on Christmas Day and fans are STOKED, saying it's the Christmas gift we all need, calling it a cross between Gossip Girl and Pride and Prejudice.