YYC Drag Queens Will Come To YOU For Your Socially Distanced Celebration

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I know we’re all struggling right now missing our important celebrations and events because of self-isolation but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop enjoying ourselves and have the party brought to us. Hire Heels YYC is a service where you can book local drag performers for corporate parties, birthdays, grad events and even on the side walk of your house to give you a socially distanced show! This is amazing because not only is it spreading joy through our community in this hard time but it also supports these local drag performers who are unfortunately not able to perform in the venues and settings they normally would right now. And let me tell you, the drag talent pool here in YYC is phenomenal. So while we may not get the chance to go to Twisted or The Palace Theater and enjoy a live show there, these performers promise to still give you an amazing experience all while socially distanced. So YYC let’s not forget what these amazing drag performers are doing for us while we’re in quarantine so when shows are back up and running and the mimosas at drag brunch are flowin’ we go support them and give them love then as well.  If you want to check out pricing and booking information you can head over to hireheelsyyc on Instagram OR email them at hireheelsyyc@gmail.com