YYC Has A New Rooftop Park!


YYC, we are a city that has so much culture and innovation its B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Between all the art installments, cool food spots and hidden gems around the city it’s no wonder that we keep adding to that. Ergo, it is also no surprise that we got a wicked cool new public “park” built on top of a rooftop parkade overlooking the city! It’s a super creative use of public space where we can just enjoy the views and hang out.

High Park is so aesthetically pleasing that it has a colorful boardwalk with tons of color themed “parklets” which essentially give space for you to just do you and chill with your pals all while socially distanced.  One of the best parts about this is that it looks like High Park will have live music, performance and outdoor fitness programs. And it is the perfect location for all of this because it can work as a year round venue for these amazing events (all socially distanced of course).

If you want to go peep the park yourself it's located at 340 10 Ave SW and you can also see more about High Park or maybe even volunteer you can check them out at highparkyyc.org!