YYC Is Getting An AFFORDABLE Mobile Food Market!!


There is a Mobile Food Market that’s coming to town next week with a fantastic motive behind it! Fresh Routes is a community-driven grocery store that’s mobile so it increases access to healthy and affordable foods right here in Calgary!

This is a really great concept when you think about it because let’s get real… we don’t all have the same access to healthy and nutritious foods, especially in this financial climate. And it’s not just always about the cash. I mean, there’s tons of other reasons why we don’t or can’t have proper access to the types of nutritious foods we want in our homes. Imagine wanting to do a fresh vegetable haul for your family but unfortunately you don’t drive or the bus isn’t close to you, especially if it’s snowing or raining. We all know our weather here changes on a dime which creates a problem too. So Fresh Routes is really trying to bridge that inaccessibility gap to increase food access to communities who may face these different types of barriers. Fantastic idea, right!

Fresh Routes is also going to have tons of cost affordable options that are healthy necessities on that grocery list. They plan to have tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, bread and some non-perishables. The best part about this service is that all of these items are really speaking true to their mission of more affordable food, offering items below market price. But just a heads up, some of the items might depend on availability – as they would with other markets.

And we can’t stress the best part of this whole operation enough; Fresh Routes will be open to everyone regardless of financial income!  They say that “whether you are missing a vegetable for a soup or need a closer store, we will be serving all members of the community.”  Fresh Routes truly is the accessible grocery store hero we needed!


If you want to volunteer for the market you can read more about it HERE!