We finally Know When Zellers is Opening in Calgary and it's SOON!


One of the biggest mistakes we as Canadians made in the retail world was not appreciating Zellers as much as we should have. It took it going away for us to realize that it actually was a pretty glorious place, where hello: THE LOWEST PRICE WAS THE LAW!

So most of us were incredibly excited when it was announced that Zellers is coming back, opening pop up stores in Hudson's Bay locations across Canada, as well as opening their first online store!

The Bay in Sunridge Mall will be home to Calgary's Zellers location and we FINALLY know when we'll be able to go check it out! MARCH 23rd! WHOA! Zellers with the shocking announcement this morning that the return is MUCH closer than we thought it might be! 



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And don't forget that Zellers iconic Restaurant will also be making a return in the form of a Food Truck on opening day! 



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