You Can Rent An Igloo In YYC On Airbnb

air bnb igloo

I need someone to tell me if this is real life or not. Because while it is hella cold outside, I don’t know who is willingly staying in an igloo here in YYC. Lemme catch you up to speed.

There’s an Airbnb host here in Calgary who has a very special, seasonal property rental that lets you camp out in an igloo.

In the Airbnb ad it says that it is "one of the quietest and warmest ways to enjoy the winter months.” I mean…I feel like that’s a bit of a truth stretch in this -5000 degree weather but here we are.

The igloo, has something though that most people only dream of getting here in Calgary, are you ready for it? Free parking. That’s right. With your $15 a night purchase you score some free parking for your car (which is probably warmer than that igloo right now).

Now, there’s no kitchen, bathroom or Wi-Fi for your little adventure hut, but who REALLY needs to pee and eat  when you have access to the outdoor fire pit! Oh! I forgot to mention for your cool $15 a night in your igloo, you should probably bring your own sleeping bags and pillows (since it’s suggested) however the igloo does contain a thermostat and mylar space blankets for comfort.

Now while it’s pretty bare bones, the ad does read that "the purpose of putting the igloo on Airbnb is to share the experience of winter camping that we as a family enjoy…you get to experience it without being stuck in the back country for your first time and if you don't like it you can head back to the safety and warmth of your home." Well when you put it like that, kinda warms your heart a little…hopefully enough to keep you toasty inside the 9ft igloo.


Ps. If you go try and book this bad boy, no booking dates are currently available.