Buy an Edmonton ICU staff member a coffee GoFundMe takes off

Unsplash:  Mufid Majnun

Lot's of people are looking for ways to support those working within our hospitals fighting covid day in and day out! A GoFundMe was created just for the simple act of buying them a coffee as a way to help out and show appreciation. 

If you would like to donate the link can be found here:

The GoFundMe states the following:

Hi! We are a small group of Stollery parents, and advocates for community health. Yesterday, September 15, 2021, one of our long term nurses from our time at the Stollery shared this with some of us.


“As a mother of a child who has had 59 operations so far, the cancellation of ALL elective surgery starting Thursday is beyond concerning. As a nurse who works at the Stollery for more than 25 years, I can tell you, we need your help. We need our parents to be diligent and vigilant about being informed and informing others. The cancellations are due to the over flow of unvaccinated adults in the ICU. Period. Pediatric nurses are once again being redeployed to the adult system to try to help with the over flow in anyway we can. Please be cautious and thoughtful about what you are posting. There have absolutely been cases of COVID at the Stollery. Not nearly as many as the adult side of course, but at this point, every bed matters. Cancellations of surgeries is in NO WAY due to the mandatory vaccination implementation. I don’t know a single health care professional who is not vaccinated or who is against vaccinations. I am sure they exist, certainly they are getting the lions share of coverage, but in acute care, we don’t have the luxury of being uninformed about vaccinations as we are barely hanging on.


Please, please continue to be part of the solution, not the problem, and know that every second, of every day, all we are trying to do is what is best for your child. Right now, we need your help.”


Her words were so powerful, it’s dire times right now. But here’s the thing, when I reached out to her, her first thought was we need to help the ICU nurses, even a coffee, “they are getting killed. It’s so sad”. And so here we are, we’re here to buy them coffee, it’s the least we could do! All of the money raised, will be used to deliver coffee and treats (in gift card form) directly to the units throughout Edmonton, AB.