Churchill Square is Decked out for the Holidays


Churchill Square is lit right now. Literally. 

There’s a giant tree planted right in the middle of Churchill Square, wrapped in 22 thousand LED lights and weighing in at an impressive 6,200 lbs. It’s a socially distant activity that’s perfect for photo-ops. What more can you ask for?

That’s not the only beauty to behold at Churchill Square right now!!

There’s an art piece called Transformation: Promise and Wisdom created by Sharon Rose Kootenay and Jason Symington for The Works Art & Design Festival. It features gorgeous beadwork made by Kootenay and it lights up the Square beautifully. Details on what the features of the piece symbolize HERE

There’s also a light installation to be projected onto the Three Bananas Cafe on the square, designed by local digital artist Vicky Mittal.