104.9 VIRGIN Radio's Class of 2020

  • Karlee

    Time to pay taxes! woot. Congrats fellow grads! x - Ardrossan Sr High
  • Isabel

    I am so glad to be done with high school - Strathcona Senior High
  • Keaira

    It was a crazy year, one we won't forget! - Frank Maddock High School
  • Dylan

    Don't let your dreams be dreams, make them reality - Thorhild central school
  • Avery

    I won't miss you when I'm space's first president - Strathcona senior high school
  • Maria

    It always seems impossible until it is done. - Archbishop O'Leary High School
  • Branden

    Ain't nothing but a G thang baby !!! - Ross Sheppard High School
  • Melina

    To the one where we graduated...kinda - Archbishop Macdonald High School
  • Kaleb

    It's been a rough ride but we did it. Congrats!! - Spruce Grove Composite High School
  • Megynn

    not the end, only the beginning - morinville community high school
  • Keyera

    Live your life in the present moment. - Austin O'Brien
  • Kinisha

    I regret saying I was sick of school :( - Kitaskinaw School
  • Lillian

    Good Luck, Yeet Ho. Semper Fi - M.E. Lazerte
  • Spencer

    To my Dear Class of 2020, it is wi - Queen Elizabeth High School
  • Anthony

    Happy graduation everyone!! - Archbishop O'Leary
  • Jessie

    We graduated and, with unity we can do anything! - Academy at King Edward
  • Heather

    Congratulations to all the grads this year! - Macewan University
  • Nicole

    Catch you on the flip side - Archbishop O'Leary
  • Kendall

    Started from the bottom now we're here - Onoway High School
  • Caitlin

    This is a graduation we will never forget!! - Vegreville Composite High School
  • Hailey

    Congrats all 2020 students, bring on the future! - H.A Kostash high school
  • Deepa

    Entering the most thrilling period of life!! - University of Alberta
  • Laura

    Congratulations class of 2020!! - M.E. LaZerte High School
  • Brooke

    I guess my Hogwarts letter isn't coming.... - W.P. Wagner
  • Maddie

    Never let the world bring you down! - St. Peter the Apostle
  • Anza

    Who needs grad when you can have a corona - J Percy Page High School
  • Corbin

    we showed that nothing can stop us, not even COVID - Leduc Composite High School
  • Sabrina

    Cheers to all the 2020 Graduates! - University of Alberta
  • Sadie

    That which does not kill us, makes us stronger - St. Albert Catholic High School
  • Meghan

    Congratulations Class of 2020!! - St Albert Catholic High
  • Mikayela

    COVID-19 won't stop me from graduating! - St. Oscar Romero High School
  • Madison

    I just wanted an after grad - Vegreville Composite High School
  • Jayna

    One hand on the wheel & 1 eye on the destination - Ecole Camrose Composite High School
  • Russell

    I wonder what's next... - Holy Trinity Catholic High School
  • Trinity

    Thank u, next - Harry Ainlay High School
  • Ali

    We'll catch up on the partying later. - Beaumont Composite High School
  • Hannah

    Be a Voice, Not an Echo - St Peter the Apostle High School
  • Gabi

    Can't wait to graduate - Strathcona High
  • Parasdeep

    Well Done Team!!! #Future CivilEngineEars - University of Manitoba
  • Megan

    Happy graduation class of 2020!! - Harry Ainlay
  • Jared

    Cheers baby! We did it - Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School
  • Emily

    Good luck in the future to all my fellow grads!- Ardrossan High
  • Mary

    This year the grad prank was on us - Archbishop Jordan
  • Keira

    WE DID IT!!! - Holy Trinity
  • Niamh

    Grads 2020 Deserving Grad Day! You Rock - Leduc Composite High School
  • Erika

    Congratulations to all the graduates of 2020! - Onoway Junior Senior High School
  • Betty

    Don't let this diminish your hard work. Congrats! - Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School
  • Revy

    If you're giving it your all, stop stressin' - MacEwan
  • Naomi

    Grads of 2020, we did it! - Jasper Place High School
  • Jamie

    Covid can't keep us down! - Macewan University
  • Brenda

    We got our Bachelor of Science in Nursing! - Vanguard University
  • Isabelle

    Congrats et fÃlicitations Blues!! - Paul Kane High School
  • Ryves

    Missing the celebration of 12 years of hard work. - Ross Sheppard
  • Sarah

    Class of 2020 Will always be one to talk about - NAIT
  • Logan

    Let's all fail g12 and just try again next year. - Harry Ainlay
  • Erica

    Class of 2020, congrats everyone! - St. Mary's
  • Caylin

    Well that was strange... let's not do that again - St. Peter The Apostle High School
  • Laura

    Happy covid grad !!! - University of Alberta
  • Katy

    Follow my IG:@prettytingg_ - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Karlynn

    Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long - J. Percy Page High School
  • Semples

    Hard work pays. When u achieve success you are sat - NAIT
  • Lindsey

    Our year was cut short but our dreams were not - Fort Saskatchewan High
  • Avery

    Made the best of what we had! Congrats everyone! - Bev Facey Community High
  • Jordan

    In hindsight, this 2020 graduation kinda sucks:( - Beaumont Composite High School
  • Logan

    We love you and are so proud of you! - St Joseph High School
  • Kaleb

    Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!! - Spruce Grove Composite High School
  • Brogan

    Life's simple/complicated but no life is like ours - Sturgeon Composite HighSchool
  • Jenine

    I'm glad I spent my graduation on the couch - Archbishop Jordan High School
  • Skyla

    This year was crazy, but we made it! - Wetaskiwin Composite Highschool
  • Kylie

    All seniors, high school and uni, we did it - Archbishop O'Leary
  • Mady

    We made it! Congrats class of 2020 - M.e lazerte
  • Parth

    An Online Grad isn't so bad - Harry Ainlay
  • Sydney

    I brought a junior chicken as my grad photo prop - Harry Ainlay Composite High School
  • Katie

    class of 2020! WE DID IT! - Ardrossan jr sr high school
  • Brady

    Class of 2020 - Archbishop Jordan
  • Jennifer

    Omg waited till I raised my kids to go back @49 - Makami
  • Aimee

    I cant believe I'm done and I definitely never my - Millwoods Christian school
  • Jayden

    Happy covid grad everyone! - Leduc composite high school
  • Chloe

    High School was nothing like High School Musical - Lillian Osbourne
  • Jenny

    We graduated it is what it is - Argyll Centre
  • Taylor

    Napped in social woke up to a pandemic. Weird. - M.E. LaZerte
  • Rebecca

    Don't ask me how I graduated. - Spruce Grove Composite High School
  • Tyler

    Not the graduation we hoped for but one we will remember - Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School
  • Abby

    We pulled threw this crap literally - M.E.Lazerte
  • Govanna

    I'm sitting here crying in my prom dress - Archbishop O'Leary
  • Asia

    Our graduation was definitely one of a kind. - Eastglen High School
  • Makayla

    We graduated and made it into the history books! - Eastglen High School
  • Ana

    2020: always dealing with the unexpected!! - Archbishop O'Leary
  • Meghann

    They didn't show this part in High School Musical. - Morinville Community High School
  • Camryn

    For grads who've kept their heads high. We did it! - Lambrick Park Secondary
  • Chloe

    Thanks to all my teachers who helped my graduate! - Charles Spencer High School
  • Harmony

    You are never too old for Disney - Queen Elizabeth High School
  • Tattym

    Gonna make the best of it, rock on - Archbishop Jordan Highschool
  • Caity

    I graduated just to go back to school - Archbishop Jordan
  • Mackenzie

    To the future healthcare workers - Archbishop Jordan High School
  • Danielle

    The tassle was worth the hassle - NorQuest College
  • Jeremy

    Doesn't really feel worth it - Ross Sheppard
  • Justice

    113,880 hours of my life for a piece of paper,nice - Jasper Place High School
  • Cristina

    At least we will never forget our grade 12 year! - John Maland High School
  • Rachel

    We're all in this together - Bellerose Composite High School
  • Tyson

    Im very sad that grad had to be cancelled - H.A.Kostash
  • Kristen

    2020 is a graduation and year to always remember. - Whitby Shores
  • Hana

    Look guys. We made it. - Archbishop Jordan
  • Fazeleh

    CONGRATS ON GRADUATING! Best of luck, you got this - University of British Columbia
  • Andrea

    Not the usual way to graduate, but we made it! - University of Alberta
  • Kaelyn

    Congratulations Class of 2020 - Archbishop O'Leary
  • Margaret

    2020 was like a razor scooter to the ankle - Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School
  • Taryn

    I miss my friends - Archbishop Jordan CHS
  • Kaelin

    Congratulations Virtual Class of 2020 - University of Alberta
  • Blake

    Wish I could be here less and out more! - Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School
  • Sarah

    Its time. We are finally done! Yay! - Archbishop Jordan High School
  • Alex

    Nothing left to say to y'all - Sturgeon
  • Stephanie

    If you've finished the year with any motivation, I - Breton High School
  • Jenna

    Not what was expected but we will make it fun - Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School
  • Rosette

    Farewell Goodbye So long. - Burman University
  • Lily

    Never gonna forget this one :) - St Andre Bessette
  • Nina

    Well that was weird... #classofcovid19 - The King's University
  • Leila

    I love school - MCS
  • Julia

    Corona grad - Leduc Composite High
  • Mandy

    WE DID IT!!! - St. Thomas More Catholic High School
  • Mackenzie

    2020 grad will be one to remember - Vimy Ridge Academy
  • Reighanna

    You're only young once take advantage - Cold Lake High School
  • Erik

    I'll miss you bros - St Francis Xavier
  • Michelle

    One slow step forward, not one fast step back! - Cold Lake Off Campus
  • Maeson

    2020 Graduates We Have This!! - Cold Lake High School
  • Reilly

    It was a hell of school year - Cold Lake High School
  • Tiana

    This virus does not define my success - Cold Lake High School
  • Indyana

    The stage never stopped us from celebrating - Highschool
  • Megan

    Well this isn't how we planned it but we did it! - Paul Kane High School
  • Spencer

    Congratulations to all graduates, we did it!!! - Queen Elizabeth High School
  • Mayson

    Well, this is not exactly the way we imagined this - Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School
  • Cassidy

    My kindergarten grad was bigger than this - Archbishop O'Leary
  • Eric

    Here's to a year we'll never forget! Mother Margaret Mary
  • Casandra

    Thank god it finally happened. - University of Alberta
  • Shannon

    Here's to the rest of our lives!! Congratulations! - St Francis Xavier (FX)
  • Hailey

    Congratulations to all my fellow grads - Fort High
  • Jessy

    After 4 years of work it finally paid off - St Joseph High School
  • Alicia

    We made it! Even though it's not how we envisioned - Strathcona
  • Joshua

    I'd like to say to all my fellow graduates hey! - Oleary Highschool
  • Sierra

    Congratulations Weslock graduates! - RF Staples
  • Carson

    Keep up the hard work boys and girls! - Thorhild Central School