Edmonton Classic: Candy Cane Lane Will Be Car Free For a Few Days

candy cane lane

When I first came to Edmonton this was the TALK of the city!


Candy Cane Lane has been gifting our city with beautiful lights for over 50 years and it's definetly worth braving this cold for! 


On December 17th and 23rd you can check out the lane in a little more detail by sledding, skiing or however you choose to head down the lane in a non vehicle fashion from 5 PM to 11 PM! 


The have food trucks, sleigh rides, fire pits, and I'm pretty sure you could find your way to getting a warm hot chocolate while you're at it! 


If you're unfamilar with this event it happens in the Cresmont neighbourhood where all the neighbours really DECK THE HALLS with their homes from top to bottom LITERALLY! 


It's definetly a MUST see this holiday season! - @Caitlynlepp