Edmonton set for colder winter but snowless Halloween?

Unsplash:Daniel Lincoln

It looks like over here in Western Canada we are set for a colder winter once again. Oh joy, oh good. Aren't we all excited for this? The deafening sound of silence is settling in.

A La Niña weather event is happening again. Yes, this is the second straight year of it.

You can expect it to be cooler in western Canada and very cold temperatures out here in Edmonton and the rest of the prairies.

However where is the snow? The weather will certainly be colder this year for us but it appears Quebec and Ontario will be the ones to take the brunt of rain and snow.

When can we maybe expect snow here in Edmonton? Looking ahead at the 14 day forecast from the Weather Network (keep in mind this isn’t Josh Classen from CTV News…) October 27 is the front runner for a mix of rain and snow… Lets keep our fingers crossed for a snowless Halloween.

With no impending dumping of snow in sight we may just get that, but let's remember this is Edmonton. It could very well still happen.