'I don’t know what’s going to happen now': Families worried about closures of Regina care homes

A number of Regina seniors could be forced to move because of changes at their supportive living facility.

Eden Care Communities said it is not receiving enough rent and government funding to keep up with their needs and said 48 seniors and a dozen staff could be impacted.

James Rozell was pleased with the care provided for his mother at a Regina assisted living facility operated by Eden Care communities.

“They’re going to reduce all the meals because she was getting assisted living and they’re going to reduce the recreation facilities, the recreation directors and we just moved her there in January with the idea this is the type of care she needed,” he said.

They’re also reducing the rent as 24 units are converted to independent living.

“Very difficult decisions to make and it’s not enjoyable talking to families and residents about this and at the same time, people do understand why that’s happening,” said Bill Pratt of Eden Care Communities.

Another 24 units in the adjoining Lilac Lane are being closed entirely. It offered a greater level of care. Half the residents are gone and the remaining dozen must leave by August 22.

“Lilac Lane, which is a subsidized assisted living program that is funded by the Saskatchewan Health Authority, that program is no longer viable and so that program, the residents that are living there will be transitioned to an appropriate and best living environment for them over the next couple of months,” said Pratt.

The adjoining nursing home will remain open but close to 20 full and part time caregivers could be affected by the changes.

“You know, it was one of the most economical facilities probably in the city of Regina here and was a fantastic facility and my mom has just done very well in it. She’s adjusted very well and I don’t know what’s going to happen now,” said Rozell.

Some of the impacted families have met with Eden Care Communities to explore options including a possible fee to cover the cost of continued meal serve to independent residents. That remains under consideration.