K-Days Concert Lineup ANNOUNCEMENT



So much to look forward to this year at K-Days! Especially when it involves seeing a bunch of artists for FREE


K-Days just announced their concert lineup and I don’t know about you, but it’s definitely something I’ll be heading out to watch! 


This lineup consists of mostly Canadian artists and I got to hand it to them…this lineup is WICKED! 


Check it out: 


  • July 22nd – Steven Lee Olsen

  • July 23rd – Classified

  • July 24th – Jade Eagleson

  • July 25th – Snotty Nose Rez Kids

  • July 26th – Streetheart

  • July 27th – Kiesza

  • July 28th – Steve Michaels (Tribute to Elvis), David James and Big River (Tribute to Johnny Cash)

  • July 29th – Crystal Waters

  • July 30th – Marianas Trench

  • July 31th – TBD


If I can give one tip…get to the concert area early so you can pop and lock, jam and break to these amazing artists. Anyone with tickets to the grounds will be able to attend these concerts right on the Spotlight Stage! 


See you there Edmonton! - @caitlynlepp



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