LISTEN: Hunter Metts Debuts '20,000 Kisses'


Hunter Metts, who was voted off American Idol this week, has released his first major label single, “20,000 Kisses.”

“Thought I had it figured out / Living without you / But I spend all my time now / thinkin’ about you,” he sings in his distinctive voice. “The way you walked into my life / Lit the stars like summertime / Now living without your love / wouldn’t happen.”

Metts, 22, worked on the track with Ian Fitchuk, Josh Moore and Mark Irwin.

The song follows a pair of indie singles the former software developer released just before his Idol debut.

This season’s Top 4 – Grace Kinstler, Willie Spence, Chayce Beckham and Casey Bishop – also released singles on Friday.

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In a recent interview with The Tennessean, Metts said he sees Idol as a launchpad. “This is the very first thing, to get people hopefully interested in me as a person and connecting with my story,” he said. “And then from there on out, it's just articulating emotions through music.

“And I hope to do that for the rest of my life.”

Listen to “20,000 Kisses” below: