Order a 'Joker' Frappuccino with this Secret Menu Recipe


If you're a movie buff, and like to cool off with the fun flavours of frapps at Starbucks, you have to try this new recipe from Starbucks' "Secret Menu.

It's not really a menu written down anywhere, it's an unspoken bond between coffee and Starbucks-lovers that has willed a list of drinks into existence. And it's added to every day.

@JamieHarrington on Instagram is a visionary, she's come up with some zingers, including one that's going viral, based on the new 'Joker' movie with Joaquin Phoenix.



How to order your own Joker frappuccino:

Ask the barista to draw a strawberry-syrup-smiley face inside the cup, fill it up with a matcha frappuccino, and get some matcha whip and chocolate drizzle on top. 

Talk about A E S T H E T I C.

Here's a Beetlejuice frapp creation from her, fitting everyone's October Spooky Month dreams.