Mariah & Ty Jordan

Mariah & Ty Jordan


Catch this girl usually with some sort of snack in hand, PROBABLY A DOUGHNUT! She’s got a big sweet-tooth that’s for sure. Don’t let this kid's serious face fool you, she’d like to say she’s got a puppy dog here but it’s more so her obsessing over pups to adopt and rescue.

Mariah has a great love for many genres of music, however she will confess her love for Drake at least once a day. She embraces all aspects of the YEG, mainly the cold and hockey.


Ty Jordan

Ty Jordan is a proud Edmontonian and he is happy to be back working in his home city after living in a few different places across Canada.

Aside from radio what does he do? Improv comedy – sports (rugby, basketball) – running – and generally other things that stop him from sitting still for too long.

Because he always finds himself so busy he is really bad at binge watching TV shows... Don’t spoil Game of Thrones for him, he’ll get there one day!