Virgin Morning Show with Cruise, Britt, & Katie


There is no better way to start your day!

Cruise, Britt, and Katie will keep you up to date on what's trending, play the Thousand Dollar Minute every morning, recap the latest Ghosted call, feature an outstanding women in Woman a Day with Katie, and much more!

@Cruise1049 - Before his life in radio, Cruise worked aboard ships travelling the world as an emcee. From the salmon spawning streams of Alaska to the tropical beaches in the Caribbean to the painted ceiling in Rome – he’s seen and done it all.

With a collection over 1,000 books, it’s fair to say that Cruise is a bit of a reader. Lately he’s become that guy (that everyone loves) who says things like “Ya, the movie was good but the book was way better!” When he’s not reading Cruise can be found packing up the car for a drive to the mountains. And if you can’t find him there he’s probably chuckin’ the ball to his dog Reese or just chillin’ with his cat Nibs.

@BrittJonesRadio - Britt was born in Calgary but has bounced around Western Canada for the last few years – he’s PSYCHED to have landed in Edmonton.

Movies are his everything – he’s currently about halfway through the “1001 Greatest Movies of All Time” list and will (hopefully) finish it within the next 2-3 years. That’s ON TOP of seeing almost every movie that comes out in theatres. When he’s not working, you can find him trying to find the best grilled cheese in town, getting mani/pedis or rockin’ a face mask and watching some movies (obviously).

@KatieStanners - If you hang with Katie for 5 minutes you’ll learn she’s a mom and that she used to live in Australia (like forever ago)! She’s originally from St. Albert but her time in radio has moved her across Alberta so she’s incredibly happy to be back in Edmonton.

Katie loves to snowboard, do a little yoga, play instruments and drink red wine. Fun Fact: She likes to drink white wine too but she’s allergic to apples so it makes her sick. Wait was that a fun fact?