2020 Kaleido Fest is Literally a Scavenger Hunt for Secret Performances


Have you ever been to a festival where you aren't told the time and location of the performances?

Me neither. 

Kaleido Fest is happening in Alberta Avenue in YEG this weekend, and the festival is moving with the times...quite literally. 

The performers will be shuttled out to their secret performance spot and do their show, so it's like a scavenger hunt to find the performances. Something I can definitely get behind. 

Christy Morin, a producer for the festival mentioned her idea to do the shows in this format came from seeing the ice cream man outside,

"I thought are people going to come out? And they did and they socially distanced and the kids all got their popsicles and they went back in and were so excited and I thought, could we do a festival like an ice cream truck man?" she tells CTV Edmonton. 


Google search pocket parks in the area AND follow @KaleidoFestival to check for their hints on social media.