2020 NHL All-Star Jerseys pay Homage to St. Louis - but getting Mixed Reviews

Just released today was a photo of the Adidas National Hockey Leagues 2020 All-Star Jerseys, and there’s a thoughtful meaning behind the unique styling.

This year the All-Star events will be taking place the weekend of January 24th & 25th at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis. So Adidas decided to pay homage to the historic rhythm & blues culture of the city by incorporating some hidden imagery into the jerseys.

The striping on the jerseys reflects back to the original St. Louis design where it’s aimed to mirror a musical staff against the logos. But the silver colour to the striping is inspired by the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Obviously a lot of historical meaning has been thoughtfully placed into the design, but still fans are questioning the ascetic appeal of the jersey? Is it a pass or fail?


Take a look at some Edmonton fans responses. - @mariah.mae