50/50 to support the Joey Moss Memorial Fund is happening Sunday


This Sunday from 10AM MT to 8PM you will be able to buy a 50/50 ticket on the EE Football Clubs website. The club is raising money for Winnifred Stewart Association - Joey Moss Memorial Fund. Lets see if this will be the biggest single day 50/50 the city has ever done! We miss you Joey!

If you would like to buy a ticket - follow this link: https://www.esks.com/50-50/

Fans can select from the following four ticket pack options:

  • Regular: Five dollars ($5.00) for one (1) ticket
  • Discount 1: Ten dollars ($10.00) for ten (10) tickets
  • Discount 2: Twenty dollars ($20.00) for sixty (60) tickets
  • Discount 3: Fifty dollars ($50.00) for two hundred (200) tickets 

The winning ticket number will be drawn at approximately 8:30 p.m. MT the day of the raffle and will be posted on this page no later than 6:00 p.m. MT on the day following the draw.