Alberta Driver Busted for Paper License Plate


Have you ever done some questionable things to save money?

Understandable if it involves duct tape in a home improvement way. 

But when it involves not getting a license plate, registration OR insurance….you might get busted like this Alberta woman. 


Police ran this woman's license plate after they saw it had an illegal license plate tinted cover, and the number came up as non-existent. When they removed the plate cover, they realized her plate wasn’t a plate at all, but a PAPER PRINTED OUT LICENSE PLATE. (In case you were wondering, yes this is also very illegal.)

Saving grace though is that the “plate” she had underneath the paper says “I <3 My Car”.


Looks like they didn’t love it enough to insure it or register though.

The driver faces $2,000 in fines and possibly another $3,000 if she’s convicted in court of having no insurance. More at CTV Edmonton.