Alberta Stage 2 of reopening this Thursday - Here's what we can do

Jason Kenney confirmed yesterday that we are moving to Stage 2 of the reopening plan this Thursday (June 10th). Stage 2 required 60% of those aged 12 or older receiving their first vaccine dose and fewer than 500 in hospital.

We learned yesterday that Cineplex will be opening on Thursday as well as the other cinemas, museums, Casinos and libraries. Rec Centres and Arenas will be allowed to open. Basically all indoor recreation and entertainment.

Gyms and fitness studios will also be reopening for solo and drop-in activities with physical distancing.

I’m excited about this one – restaurants will be open for indoor dining with a max of 6 people at the table – indoor and outdoor!

Outdoor social gatherings of up to 20 people permitted and outdoor concerts and festivals can have up to 150 people…. CONCERTS AND FESTIVALS! Omg. I could cry.

Funeral services up to 20 people indoors and outdoors – receptions permitted outdoors only. Wedding ceremonies up to 20 people indoors and outdoors – receptions also permitted outdoors only.

Our friends at personal and wellness services will now be able to accept walk in clients.

Places of worship and Retail will be at 1/3 of the fire code occupancy. Outdoor fixed seating/grandstands can be at 1/3 capacity.

Youth Activities like day camps, overnight camps and play centres can resume. Sports can resume with no restrictions.

Post secondary can resume with in person learning. Work from home order will be lifted but still recommended.

Stage 3 is expected to come in late June or early July dependent on 70% of people receiving at least one dose of the vaccine. That one will be all restrictions lifted including the ban on indoor social gatherings.

I am so excited.

- Katie Stanners

More Details available HERE!