Beverage company AriZona set to sell limited ¢99 bikes in Canada


Just like their old ¢99 iced teas. The beverage company is only selling a limited amount but no word how many just yet. It is to celebrate Summer and their AriZona Hard 5% alcohol drinks.

AriZona Hard

AriZona Hard
Inspired by its classic Hard Green Tea and all-new Hard Lemon Iced Tea and Hard Peach Iced Tea flavours, the retro AriZona Hard bikes will provide Canadians an opportunity to pedal in style – all for ¢99, inspired by the original Green Tea tall can.

The limited edition bikes will be inspired by the 3 flavours of their launching AriZona hard beverage. The bikes will be available for purchase through their website on July 13, 2021 at 11:00AM MDT. I am notorious for oversleeping and missing launches like this so that is one less person you will have to worry about snagging a potential  ¢99, but boy could I use one! Maybe you or someone you know could too! It would be neat to see a lot of people riding these throughout the streets of Edmonton. 

- @ImTyJordan