Birthday Ideas for Quarantine Times?


Now people born in the springtime finally understand what it's like to have a birthday in December. 

No one can hang out ususally when you have a December birthday. It's forgotten out, the glow of Christmas drowning out birthday celebrations, clogging up everyone's plans. 

Well, nothing can outshine these springtime birthdays like a global pandemic.

I'm not entirely bitter though. My sister's birthday is coming up in April and I don't want it to be swept under the rug. 

Definitely comment some ideas for COVID-19 Social Distancing Birthday Ideas!

Here's what I have so far:

  1. Standing outside a loved one's apartment at an appropriate distance waving with posters
  2. Toilet Paper-ing their house at an appropriate distance (they'll enjoy the extra toilet paper you're giving them)
  3. VideoChat Wine Night
  4. Order 6 packs of chips off Amazon Prime and have it sent to their house
  5. Drive-By Confetti Popping