Canada just became the first to get the KFC Famous Chicken Sandwich

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It has arrived! We had the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich launch here locally in Edmonton and now it looks like us Edmontonians can compare! Will the KFC Famous Chicken Sandwich live up to the hype? Spicy or original? These are questions only we can answer! Why? Well its only in Canada for now! I wont lie... My mouth is watering!


@kfc_canada says you can't have a Famous Chicken Sandwich without Famous Chicken and well we can't argue with that logic! The NEW Famous Chicken Sandwich from Kentucky Fried Chicken comes out tomorrow Sept 7! Triple Breaded, Pickles, Mayo on both sides all on a fresh Potato Bun! The pictures don't lie this sandwich is amazing 😍 Thanks @kfc_canada for inviting us to try the new sandwich a day early! Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for the full review! * * * #kfc #kfcfamouschickensandwich #famouschickensandwich #famouschicken #chickensandwich #friedchicken #kentuckyfriedchicken #kfccanada #newsandwich #sneakpreview #breadedchicken #chickenbreast #chickenandfries #friesandgravy #picnicfood

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