Canada’s Most Common Passwords for 2021

Password Hacker Hooded

The Top 20 Most Common Passwords In Canada are out and they make us look pretty damn Canadian.

NordPass released their annual ‘Call Out’ where they reveal just how irresponsible we are with our internet security, and of course, all the usual bad passwords made the list.

1. 123456
2. password
3. 123456789
4. 12345
5. 12345678

But the Canadian in us really shines just a bit further down in the list...

11. hockey
13. iloveyou
15. canada
18. sunshine

Now, is it bad that we as Canadians literally use canada & hockey, along with common niceties like iloveyou or sunshine as our most common passwords?

Ya. I mean absolutely, we're probably all gonna get hacked, no getting around that.

But does it also show just how kind we are? Heck ya! Nice or not though, if your password is anywhere on this list, maybe change it...