Dating App Hinge predicts what dating trends we will see this Summer

2020 was a rough year on dating and all the apps saw an increase in downloads. Hinge downloads rose by 63%. Despite that growth though and some people wanting to celebrate a “hot vax summer” they are seeing based on their surveys that there is a trend of people looking for more long-term relationships. Which I totally get from being single over the pandemic it would be nice to not be so horribly alone.

1/3 of users are saying that they have more urgency around wanting to settle down and find a partner. More than half of hinge users are actively seeking a long-term relationship.

CEO Justin McLeod says, “I do think for a lot of people who maybe have been dating for a while and then went through the pandemic and went through it alone, they’re feeling the need for, I think, a partner and companionship more than ever.”

They are also predicting that whether or not we are in a pandemic video first dates are here to stay. Users enjoy doing a 5 to 10 minute check to find out if that person is worth meeting in real life.

- Katie Stanners

SOURCE: The Insider