Dating in 2020 can be complicated. Here's 8 new terms you should know.


New Dating terms in 2020

According to Popsugar there are a few new dating terms that you need to be familar with in 2020. 

Term 1: "Kanye'd"

When you go on a date where the other person talks about themselves the entire time. You got "Kanye'd."

Term 2: “White Clawing”

The term comes from the popular drink: White claw. “White Clawing” is the act of dating someone who you find super basic and boring but they are very attractive so you date them anyways.

Term 3: “Type-casting”

If you choose who to date based solely on personality types or love languages – that is ‘type-casting.”

Term 4: “Eclipsing”

Obviously dating someone new you want to have shared interests and hobbies but if you immediately adopt all of their hobbies and interest as your own you are “Eclipsing”

Term 5: “Yellow Carding”

Ever call someone out on bad behavior? That is called “yellow carding.”

Term 6: “Dial-toning”

“Dial-toning” is similar to ghosting but involves ignoring the other person before the relationship even begins. When you dial tone someone you give them your phone number but when they text you… you don’t reply.

Term 7: “Glamboozled”

Getting all glammed up and ready for your date and then they cancel last minute. You’ve been “Glamboozled”

Term 8: “Cause-playing”

“Cause-playing” is when a casual relationship fades out and goes cold but the other person keeps coming back into your life to ask for favors.