Edibles in Edmonton? Expected on store shelves today

undine.arcana • IG

Edibles could be available for purchase in Edmonton maybe even today!

Edible cannabis products have already been on shelves and sold in B.C. and now are reported to be available in Ontario as well.

It is unclear what the AGLC has approved for sale here in Alberta. So you wont know exactly what products to expect until they arrive. 

Reports are that many stores in Alberta did place orders for the edibles and they were suppose to be arriving today!


Cannabis food and beverage will also have a cap of 10mg of THC. 

Alberta is expected to roll out the products gradually over time in the market so you may not see everything hit the shelves at once.

Canada legalized edibles, extracts and topicals for recreational consumption, on October 17, 2019. 

More info can be found herehttps://albertacannabis.org/edibles-extracts-topicals