Edmonton has a new secret-ish back alley chicken and waffles spot


Did you ever expect to find a chicken and waffles spot hidden behind the Highlevel Diner? How about a place that is only open Friday + Saturday from around 8PM to Midnight! Talk about exclusive! Meet Waffle Bird! Are you and your friends chicken and waffle fans? This could be the spot for you! 

Their chicken and waffles instantly jumped out to me when I was scrolling through instagram the other night! And the store hours and location had me curious! What an interesting concept? I sent them a DM and they graciously hit me back with an email explaining the story of how Waffle Bird got started.


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Who is behind Waffle Bird?

Chef Adam Stoyko (part owner of the Highlevel Diner) and Jonathan Comeau (owner of Woahnuts). We are good friends and had collabed before on smaller pop ups around town. 

Why the Highlevel Diner?

As part owner, Adam had a good hookup for the space. The HLD has always been so supportive to us and they helped us get this thing up and running. 

However, we only have the home for a couple weeks until dining rooms reopen as covid restrictions roll back. Waffle Bird will be continuing somewhere. Adam and I are still working out exactly where and in what format that will be, but it's best to get in now while the getting is good!

Why Chicken and Waffles?

We are always pitching crazy ideas about how to make the best version of food we can think of. We kept coming back to fried chicken. Eventually Adam started developing a line of fried chicken for the HLD. 

After I (Jon) started Woahnuts, making waffle donuts, the idea just clicked. We could take our main hustles and combine them into one scrumptious side hustle. 

We started tweaking our recipes to get them to next level status. Like mad scientists, we tested every aspect of what goes into the perfect piece of fried chicken. We think we've cracked the code.



Why we like working together:

We love working together because we have a crazy amount of fun making nonsense jokes and singing badly, while cranking out some top tier grub. We have really compatible sensibilities when it comes to how we want food to make us feel. It should be delicious, fun, and comforting. Waffle Bird is that for us, and we hope you'll agree.

What's the best thing on the menu?

Everything is really good, but the Nashville Waffle Bird is our personal baby. Smokey hot sauce dripping off the crispy chicken onto a buttery waffle. Pair that with one of our craft beers? Oh dang. The BangCock Dangerous gets the award for deep cut Nic Cage movie reference, though.