Edmonton’s Doughnut Party Opens New Brewery District Location

Doughnut Party has been a staple in the Edmonton sweet treat scene for a hot minute now. Gaining traction for their over the top ‘boujee’ flavours and decorating – you definitely can’t miss them!

They have made a splash with a few signature looks over the years they’ve been in business, I’m sure you’ve seen the wicked giant pink boxes they’re packed up in? Or perhaps you’ve had a special message you’ve wanted to spell out to someone – because yes they’ll make letter doughnuts for you too.

Doughnut Party was originally posted up just north of 107 ave for the longest time, but now they’ve moved to a bit more of a bumpin’ spot. Right in the heart of Edmonton, you can now spot them in the Brewery District Square! And obviously during COVID it has been tough for a lot of local businesses to stay afloat, but these guys are doing A-OK, you can only order online and do preorders right now, but why not help out & eat some beautiful doughnies!! - @mariah.mae