Emily Cave Shares Emotional Last Cheer for Number 12 on the Ice

Colby Cave passed away tragically and rather suddenly earlier this year. April 11th, the 25 year old Edmonton Oiler passed away that Saturday morning from a brain breed he experienced earlier on in the week.

He played a total of 67 official games in the NHL with his career originally starting out in Boston playing for the Bruins, and then continuing on in Edmonton in late 2018.

Emily and Colby would have been celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary together this July 21st. To say the least her world and those in their family has been rocked. Take a look at the emotional tribute she shared on social media today about cheering on #12 for the last time on the ice.



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This was the last time I’ll see my husband’s number on the ice for a game. I should be cheering on #12 for these Stanley Cup playoffs. Gut wrenching, and unfair doesn’t begin to describe my emotions. Humbled, and honoured to see his brothers (teammates) wearing his number today doesn’t begin to describe my emotions either. I am lucky to have experienced every milestone in Colb’s NHL career, mostly in person, if not right after the game when he flew home. First game, first assist, first goal, Winter Classic, and last goal. The only other thing I didn’t get to experience is putting our babies in the Stanley Cup, something we had talked about for years. Today, is something I never thought I’d have to experience, especially alone, without Colb. But here I am, watching #12 (multiple of them) play a game for the last time. It may not be the Stanley Cup like we talked about Colb, but I’m SO proud the NHL, hockey community, and rest of the world are seeing how incredible my husband was not just as a hockey player but as a person. Your legacy, Memorial Fund, and the impact you made makes me more proud than any Stanley Cup ring. You’re a Stanley Cup winner, husband, & best friend in my books, Colb. You always will be. I love you and miss you so much #12 🧡💙

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